Apr 4, 2009

Hangin' with Martha

Last night Tiffany, Hovin, Ana, The Love Movement, and buddy Mere stopped by the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles to check out Marth Richs' new show. Martha was an instructor to a couple of us waaay back in our art school days so we were more than happy to be there to support her.

The show was packed and well fun. Afterwards the crew went nextdoor for some tapas and wine at Cobras & Matadors. If you're ever there, we recommend you sample the calamari.

Martha cubed. *We confess that this photo was snagged from her Facebook post.

Cheers. Check out Mere's "adventure" tattoo. A freshie she just got in Prague.

Mere, Hovin, and Tiffany.

Ana and that calamari!

Lee and friends. *This photo also snagged from Marthas Facebook.

Even a Love Movement representative was here from out of town. Should have sprung an extra $10 for a rental car upgrade...