Apr 1, 2009

Thrasher Magazine - May issue.

I recently made some graphics for the Volcom skate team in support of their latest tour of the Philippines. Check out the new May issue of Thrasher Magazine for a full article report of my art in action. Or rather, the Volcom skate team wearing stuff with my art on it while they are in action.

Here we have Chima Ferguson (flanked by David Gravette and Manilas finest) displaying one of the many inspirational affects of my t-shirts. (*Thanks Stratto for the photo)

Also in the May issue is my latest Volcom ad of Caswell Berry. You see that circular piece of op-art behind Caswell's body? I put that there as a reference to the dizzying vertigo you get from throwing yourself down a steep handrail. Ironically, shortly after he shot this ad, Caswell fell victim to a week of uncontrolable vertigo. No joke! But he's better now...

The May issue.