May 11, 2009

I built a Labyrinth once in my life

By team of two, we could build whatever we wanted in the 4th floor rooms of a 5* hotel, Atlantis, closed for years due to endless renovations.

Five stars doesn't mean beautiful. This very ugly architectured hotel comes straight from the 70s.

I don't remember exactly why, but we decided to build a labyrinth with a Toutankhamon/Buddha welcoming face at the entrance. This starting idea has pretty much no sence, but we really wanted to make it. I gently started to prepare some nice pictures.

Later on, we realised that we had unfortunately not enough time to make a beautiful labyrinth, so we figured out that we had to make an ugly labyrinth. We went on with a chaotic pictures combination; wallpapering with whatever we found.

At the end, we pretended to the other groups, that it illustrates the informations and medias bombing. That we are all the time influenced and blablabla.
Although the result was terrible, I am very happy because the fun building and destroying it was totally worth it. I never kicked so much carton.

Some other rooms and athmospheres: