Jul 9, 2009


We just lost our virginity to blogging... so hello to the Internet World in Saudi Arabia, Birmingham Alabama, and beyond. Well we feel like typing and since this is our first blog on the Human Pyramid site we have a lot on our mind.

We did this doodle while in Tokyo with HP'ers Junmarie and Hovin (hey Junmarie OHIO GOZAIMUS!), and now it is on the cover of this thrilling political magazine. Oh boy, wish we spentsome more time on it and didn't do it over 45 minutes of drinking beers and staying up late with Hovin like 12 year old boys on a sleep over after they found that their friends have Cinemax. Because it is not looking to proportional. It is a Dollar Sign as a Cross for all of you that missed it.

In other news since Ambiguos and Volcom are all over this bad boy, we at The Love Movement, left the beautiful sunshine of LA to move to Portland and work with Nike Sportswear on some projects. Stay tuned for some releases in the Holiday Season and next summer.

And for all those in LA who miss us so much we are coming back. If you haven't heard then look out, there is a Human Pyramid Group Show coming in LA at an undisclosed location on an undisclosed day in September. It will be like the Banksy show that happened in LA, except not in such a big space, and without as much media hype, probably not as many people in attendance, not as many stencils, and yah there may not be as many elephants. But besides that it will be pretty similar. Oh nevermind, there will be free beer.

Lastly we have a dog named Henry, he is an 8 month old Yellow Labrador Retriever and is pretty cool. Well if you ever want to be our friends while in Portland and believe in the power of the internet email us at the.love.movement@gmail.com