Aug 9, 2009

Mr. Glaubitz

"Charles Glaubitz gives Tijuana an artistic face" as said in Juxtapoz Magazine...Not only Tijuana but the World in general... he's the kind of person that when u meet him u take something from him as well he does from u whether u agree with him or not...

I've know Charles since College days...back then he was my teacher at Sandiego City College then we became close friends since ... along with he's family he's wife and two little girls... this guys literally raise me while I was a starving student trying come up and start being active in this crazy world.

Both share with me not only an Artistic way but a more Conscious way of looking at life, His work is very raw and political - for many people difficult to digest as they probably are being digested by their own contradictions.

His work definitely puts your brains on the grill and probably make some damage as well...u have to see this in a positive way, that could be the best thing ever happened to you.

Foi Jimenez he's wife she's Also an Amazing Illustrator Artist I will posted some of her stuff also ... this guys are Legit..... check out his Peace.