Mar 21, 2010

Live to love & love to live

When I was living in Zürich last year, I had to do a design work about and during my summer vacations. I stayed in Zürich as I was working in a pub there. This stressing and boring town made me really crazy and unstable. But I eventually fought so hard against my own thoughts to regain the reality that everything in life became clear and harmonious. I wrote all I thought about existence in a little notebook I carried all the time.

When I was at school, I printed only the pages and actually never did the book, but I felt like I had to send the PDF file to an association against suicide. Months later, they contacted me saying that they were organizing an exhibition with different works about this tabu. It's happening next week, so I've finally built the book. In spite of its simplicity, it‘s a significant work for me because I think I made something positive from a hard experience.

My Holidays in Zürich, or: or why people commit suicide. This first part symbolizes pessimism.
On the other side is the second part, symbolizing optimism. My Holidays in Zürich, or: how to have a happy life.
All together the book is a short essay about happiness. I believe that we consciously have a big influence on our happiness level, but because everything is linked, happiness is a complex network of inside and outside conditions. As brain is a left and a right side, life is chance and destiny, and truth is religion and science, happiness must be decision and luck. Moreover, I read that some people are genetically more inclined to be happy.
I don't pretend being in possession of the truth and the universal wisdom, but if ever you're bored with life, lost, stressed and depressed, read it. It's a collection of positivity that comes from my heart.