Mar 26, 2009

Hello :)

Thanks, Hovin, for inviting me to contribute to your blog! I thought what a better way to start, than with a giveaway contest! I will extend the contest another day for Human Pyramids readers. Here are the details from my blog:

Recently, I let the band Bunnycutz use one of my older paintings for their new cd cover. I am giving away three of the cd's, each signed (by me, not the band) and each come with a different drawing on the back. The drawings are of a baby squid, dragonfly, and hungry bird.

The closest three guesses win a cd. If there is an exact match, the winner can pick which drawing to keep! Email your answers to me at anabagayan(at)

Question: How many Orphan drawings have I done so far?

Keep in my the number of pictures on my flickr account are not a complete record of what I've done. This is just your best guess.

Good luck!