Mar 30, 2009

Martin Kann

Hi there and thanks Hovin for letting me contrubute with my crappy english and Swedish (design)point of view for Human Pyramids.

As my first post I would like to start off by presenting a great Swedish designer/adman, Martin Kann.

In Sweden he's mostly known for making record covers for "bob hund" a rock band (I know Hovin doesnt like youtube links but here I go anyway: bob hund) that sings in Swedish. Pictured here is another project by the bob hund-people, singing in english and then called Bergman Rock. Since my english is bad in the morning I won't say anything more but check out Martins homepage (really great ads there to) and have a nice day! (Let me know if you want some "best of bob hund"-mixtapes, I'll hook you up!)