Apr 8, 2009

Rain = earthquake

I read in the newspaper once that short, unexpected bursts of hard rain could be an indication of an upcoming earthquake.

Last night I was working at home. I had my windows open and I could hear an angry guy down in the alley below my window yelling out furious crazies. Initially, I thought he was picking a fight with someone. But when I didn't hear any words or noises from what I assume should have been another person or maybe animal I accepted the idea that he must have been some poor crazy guy engaged in mental fisticuffs.

Though I felt bad for this man, I wished that he would shut up or go curse somewhere else. He was saying some pretty nasty things! Just as I was about to get up and yell out my window rain drops the size of grapes came pouring down. Immediately the crazy guy went silent and retreated into the shadows.

The past two weeks have been sunny and the night skies have been clear of clouds. Confused about the sudden rain out of nowhere but relieved that it "washed" the crazy away, I went back to work. Five minutes go by and the rain stops. Ten minutes later a M2.5 earthquake hits. Thirteen minutes later the crazy dude returns.


The light red "A" tab marks the epicenter of the quake. The second "e" in the word Los Angeles is where I live.