Jun 8, 2009

Ausstellungsvorbereitung (it's a real word)

Sorry, one more super long post.

Tomorrow is the last day of the spring semester and we make an exhibition of our last work (whatever related to “copy”). So today is the day before and we have to prepare the exhibition of tomorrow, because in Zürich we are organized people.


We all look at each other work and say good things, trying to explaining why. Das ist extrem… schön, weil… diese dynamish… Ja. If we think bad things we say nothing and walk further. As my German is too poor to explain my feelings about the artworks, I make the outsider who is working so hard on her stuff that she doesn’t see what’s around. I mean, I know only two or three sentences to say that I like it; as it gets boring and sounds fake to repeat always the same stuff, sometimes I prefer to forget it and to shut up. I know, it’s sad.


Jacquie is a girl from Ticino with Sri-Lanka origins. Constant smiling, she’s one of the first student I got in touch when I discovered the school. She is always super impressed by others artworks and doesn’t realize how good is her work.


Hello Jacquie.


Hello Domingo. Domingo means Sunday in Spanish.


Hello Florian. Florian is the German who can speak French.


The LH36 room. Photo and design. I don’t know for what does LH stand, but it was one of our working room.


Kristin and Istvan, they were my teachers for this last project and they gave me a D. I am the only one with a D and it was the worst score of the group. It’s original but it means that… I am the worst!!! Well, I can understand. I understand that I did not understand them.



M2U00247(12) M2U00247(9) M2U00247(10) M2U00247(11)

An other room. Painting and analog 3D.

M2U00253(3) M2U00253(1) M2U00253(2)

Okay now I am looking for Léa. An other French speaker girl from my class.

M2U00254(9) M2U00254(7) M2U00254(8)

Here’s Léa. In an other room, from an other floor, talking to an other teacher, Marisa.

M2U00256(3) M2U00256(4) M2U00256(5)

I am happy to have Léa around. When I am fed up of speaking in German and listening to conversations in Swiss German, I look for Léa… and speak in French.


There’s almost no common activities between the different groups. I got to know some students from other groups really late. It’s never too late.


Léa and I tried to make some conversation with Rahel, Fabian and our terrible accent. It sounds more like a smile conversation. There’s no content, but it doesn’t matter. The important is the positive energy spread all in between us.

M2U00258(1) M2U00258(2) M2U00258(4) M2U00258(5) M2U00258(6) M2U00259(1)

Oh! After all that blabla blogging you still haven’t seen my “copy” work. Too bad, I am lazy to upload more pictures right now… or maybe I am not really proud of it and deserve my D.