Jun 14, 2009

Hot Gossip

You ever read behind the scenes interviews in any mags about any type of production production and generally when the subject of the interview is quizzed about the nature of the people they worked with they don't have two bad words to say about anyone involved. "Oh yeah, great great guy, great guy, real professional too" You generally don't get "Man, although the dude eventually came through I found it very difficult to overlook is outrageous habitual consumption of all things narcotic and never ending anti-social carry on, what a pre-madonna"
Such revelations are reserved for exclusive cocktail parties and other insider shoulder rubbing events. Well in an endeavor to expose the grizzly truth I'm afraid I'm stumped to say a bad thing about Nick Jensen. Boring I know, sorry. He was the first guy to commit his talent to my last project, he was a complete gent, really pushed himself and came out with the section you see below in just one weekend in foggy London town, he paints, sculpts and takes rad photos too, see. Talented bastard!

Nick Jensen in London- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philpot Evans on Vimeo.